100 Years in America

Tales, Rituals and Songs: Exploring the Unknown Popular Culture of a Greek Mountain Village

by Nikolaos Nitsos

Worcester Epirotes Remember Tsamantas | Nitsos: Last Words To TNH

St. George Hellenic Benefit Society of Tsamantas is hosting the Finding Your Roots in the Global Village Seminar at the Grecian Festival June 6-8, 2014.

OBITUARY: James C. Bazoukas




The St. George’s Society has spent the past 100 years helping friends and neighbors in Worcester, MA, and Tsamantas, Greece in a variety of ways. From building a school in the village in the 1930s to funding scholarships for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original immigrants in America today, the St. George Society believes it is time for the larger American community to learn about these immigrants’ contribution. It is also time for the Greek American community to remember what their ancestors did.

The St. George Society will celebrate its centenary in October, 2008, by offering a series of events and activities including a fête at the Worcester Art Museum, a commemorative symposium at St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral and, most importantly, an academic conference on immigration to be held at Hellenic College in Brookline, MA, during the Columbus Day weekend.  

Celebration Celebration at the Worcester Art Museum
The first event will educate decision-makers and opinion leaders of the larger Worcester, MA, national and international communities.  The purpose to inform them of society’s contribution to social and philanthropic causes, both in Europe and America and also about the contributions of those Greek immigrants who founded the Society and their progeny’s contributions to the Worcester community, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the nation and the world.

Symposium Commemorative Symposium at Saint Spyridon’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral
The second event will speak to Worcester's Greek-American community about their own history in America that is easily forgot by succeeding generations. It is important to remind that audience of the many contributions of Greek-Americans to the Worcester, Massachusetts and national communities and also their responsibilities as the children and grandchildren of immigrants. 

Conference Immigration Conference at Hellenic College
The aim of the third event –an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary academic conference--is to bring together specialists from a variety of fields (history, economics, politics, anthropology, sociology, ethnology and cultural studies) and seek to examine issues of identity and belonging, and the relationship between past and present in the context of cultural globalization. Papers dealing with all aspects of migration, re-migration, and trans-national and cross-cultural interconnections that shape the identity of diasporic communities will be presented.  The conference will make a significant contribution to public understanding about the identity and culture of diasporic societies and inspire future research in this area. Click here for the Conference Programme.